A Christian Notebook

Some Christians say family members are the hardest people to save.  It is hard to share Christ with them because they see who we really are.  They see

  • our faults,
  • our sins,
  • our hypocrisy,
  • our failings
  • up close every day.

And they know if we call on them to surrender to Christ and give up their sins, they will have every right to ask the same from us.

  • Is that why we won’t try to lead them to salvation?
  • Is that why they can stay lost all their lives and perish in the end?
  • Is that what we want to happen?

We know we have to change.  We know we have to start.  And we know if we plant the seeds of procrastination, we will never see our loved ones saved.

Yet we procrastinate anyway.  Why?

We don’t know.  Or we don’t want to know.

  • Perhaps we would make promises to God if we believed we would honor them.
  • Perhaps we don’t know how to start.
  • Perhaps we don’t know what promises to make.

Maybe we don’t want to commit ourselves simply because we’re afraid what will happen if we fail.  It is easier to accept defeat when you have not tried than to feel the pain of finding yourself simply incapable of succeeding.

Perhaps we don’t believe God will have our back.

Perhaps we are afraid God will leave us out to suffer embarrassment and shame if we try.  Perhaps our faith in God is lacking.  Perhaps in our hearts we don’t believe God will be honest and loving and good and honor His promises.  Or perhaps we don’t even know what His promises are.

In the Bible, in Matthew 14:22-33 we read about Peter seeing Jesus walk on the water.  Peter asks Jesus to call him to come to him, so Jesus asks Peter to step out of the boat, and he does.  Then Peter becomes frightened and sink before Jesus reaches out his hand and rebukes Peter for his lack of faith.

Stepping out on Faith

That is what we want to happen to us as we allow God to change us and make us useful in winning souls.  We need to have faith and take that first step when we’re scared.  When Peter stepped out of the boat, he committed himself.  Once we step out, there is no turning back.  Once we step out, we most likely will never want to turn back.  We will grow more quickly in a day or two than sitting on a church pew and doing nothing for fifty years.  Every time we step out on faith, we grow and become more useful to God and more likely to lead others to Christ.

So, let’s step out.  Here is a list of things I would suggest and try to do myself as well.

The Challenge – Are You Up to the Dare?

Now, if I don’t do these things myself, you will be able to call me on this.  But be careful.  That goes both ways.  If we both fail, we  can push each other.  If one of us carries out this plan and the other doesn’t, the one who steps out will have a special right to say to the other, “Do as I have done and you will experience what I experienced.”

Who will do this first–you or me?  Or someone else?

Can you commit to make these promises

  • to God?
  • To yourself?
  • To our loved ones in secret?

Will you put the honor of our names behind those promises to God?

If not, will God feel you are honor bound to do so anyway for the love of the souls He died for including your own loved ones?

If you will not promise God, will you tell God

  • you do not feel He is worthy?
  • Or that these are not something He would want from you?
  • Or are the souls of your loved ones not worth your commitment?

I know this sounds harsh, but I’m speaking to myself as much as I am to anyone else.  I cannot challenge you to these things if I am not willing to do them myself.  So, let’s do them together for the love of God and for the love of others.

Let’s put our initials next to every promise we wish to make to God.  Print this off and put it in your prayer journal with each promise your initials.

  1. I promise to make a list of souls I want saved in my journal.
  2. I promise to pray each morning for each soul diligently and seek God what to pray for each person.
  3. I promise to pray to God for any names to add to this list and pray for them on the spot, too.
  4. I promise to ask God for wisdom what to and say to bring them to salvation through Christ.  This does not mean asking for the Gospel as we should already know that before we share anything.  This is for prayer for wisdom how to share the Gospel without driving them away.
  5. I promise to pray for wise timing and faithfulness to God’s leading.  While we may want to procrastinate or panic and rush in, I promise to pray for wisdom when and how to share and follow that to the best of my ability.
  6. I promise to check off each person saved,  and thank God each day for each person He has saved and each person He will save.
  7. As people surrender to Christ, I promise to encourage them to take part in this effort to win souls.
  8. Before I get started. I promise to engage God at the first opportunity and ask forgiveness for every sin.  I promise to ask Him to show me every sin I have not repented of, and I promise to repent of every one of them sincerely and only with an honest intention, drive, and prayer–agonizing prayer to give up that sin forever never falling into it again.  And for every failure I promise to take it to prayer and repent of it at once asking forgiveness for failure and insincerity and ending my insincerity as well.  I promise not to stop until I know I am free from all sin and have repented from every one of them.  And I promise to do this before engaging in seeking out the lost for salvation as one cannot minister unclean.
  9. I promise to pray each morning to make each day count and increase it to make every hour count.
  10. I promise to ask God to help me lead as many people to salvation through Christ as I can in a day.  If that is zero at first, pray for it to become one.  Then two and so on.

If God puts into our hearts that we can save 100, do we have a right to save 99?

If you or I fall short, who would we want to lost out on salvation?

  • A loved one?
  • Us?
  • What if God put us last on our list of souls saved?

If God gives us  a million or a billion to save, perhaps it is better that we not fall short of that number by one any more than we would if we or our most beloved ones were the last ones on the list saved and first ones lost.

If hearing from God is critical to our success, we must seek God diligently

  • in prayer and
  • in scripture.

We must read scripture to digest it, to take it to mind and to heart.

Make a journal of prayers with start dates and answer dates.  Make note there of your promises.  Check up on your promises daily to make sure you are keeping them faithfully.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of salvation and can help people see and come to their own conclusion they are in need of Christ’s salvation.


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